Rasmus Langgaard

Innovation consultant
and GATE responsible
Phone: +45 8612 7200

Join us for a cup of coffee, if you are interested to know more about GATE. You may even have some great ideas, we could use to combat graduate unemployment.

Contact Rasmus at for more information.

The Team The Team

Marc Perera Christensen

Phone: +45 2674 2604

Jesper Theil

Head of communications
Phone: +45 3153 6060

Lars Møller Andersen

Strategic development manager
Phone: +45 3014 9960

Tiny Maerschalk

Development and
network consultant
Phone: +45 5136 1735

Kristine Holst Rasmussen

Development and
network consultant
Phone: +45 3014 9961

Line Loft Pedersen

PA with
administrative responsibilities
Phone: +45 3014 9962

Benjamin Andersen

Student worker

Camilla Hauge

Student worker

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