About GATE

GATE is the name of an innovation project from Erhverv Aarhus, which is located in Aarhus C. Now, you might be thinking: “So, what is it you want to innovate?”

In short, we want to eliminate the unemployment amongst graduates once and for all.

It should not be so incredibly difficult for graduates to get a foot in the door at the labor market. Too many graduates are fidget with impatience to get their career started and bring their competences into play. At the same time, the long road to the first job is a costly affair for the Municipality and the State.

It is a tough nut to crack, but with GATE we want to figure out how to do so in the most effective way possible.

We speak to both graduates and the business environment, and we want to contribute with events, inspiration, knowledge and experiments. Ultimately, the main goal is to contribute with some specific solutions, which can bring down the unemployment rates amongst graduates. The GATE project runs until medio 2021, where Erhverv Aarhus will present a final selection of recommendations.


About the name GATE

We could write endless pages about why we chose to name the innovation project GATE, but we will try to make it short.

First of all, our goal is to connect students/graduates with the business environment. Put in another way:

Graduate @ Employer

When combined we get GATE.

Second of all, the name fits like a glove because GATE also mean transit, which is the place where you wait before going on a journey. In a figurative sense, graduates are also waiting for their next adventure and to be connected with the business environment.

Third of all, GATE is also a synonym for bridging or a portal where people meet. Genius, right? 😉